Five Quick Decorating Tips to Prepare your Home for the Market


House selling has become a very competitive market and some buyers can be very picky.  So It’s important to show your home in the best light.  If you want your home to sell quickly, it’s important that you’ve done all you can to make your house as attractive and saleable as you possibly can.

Here are a few easy decorating tips to get you started:

  • The average home buyer would rather see a blank slate when looking at homes, which means that your home should be as neutral as possible.  Walls should be painted in neutral or pastel tones.
  • De-personalize so that buyers can picture their things in the home. Remove personal items such as photos and pieces of artwork.
  • Ensure that everything that you’ve been meaning to repair has been taken care of. Even things that you consider to be minor may stand out to a potential buyer.
  • The house should be clean and clear. Remove clutter from the home and keep closets organized (yes people will look in them).   Kitchen counter-tops should be clear, floors and carpets should be cleaned and  the bathrooms should sparkle.
  • Most importantly, and could be the most difficult is to look at the house impartially so that potential buyers can see themselves living there.

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